We started project Aurora in 2019.
Many design apps locked 90% of their content, but what about those that can't afford to pay?
Or design apps tried to trap users by cheekily offering 3 day trials that charged $$$ hundreds right after.
We wanted to make an app that focused on sharing the joy of design, not profits.
Here we are 3 years later. Half of the app is still free and we'll never force users to buy a subscription.
10 million designs created by users
Happily used in over 170 countries
Simple but Fantastic
This app is truly fantastic. I love that you can crop any template for a post and move around frames for more customization. The free templates, stickers, frames, etc are great. Their new butterfly system is awesome too. It’s excellent if you can’t afford a subscription. But can still access club exclusives by using butterflies to get it.
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One of the best finds of 2022. Especially perfect. What they offer for free, no charge, is great, beautiful, and it's been amazing! And whoever wants to buy, can too. Please don't ever change! Best story editing app and posts for insta. The best.
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In love!
Hello guys! Want to thank you for the app, it works brilliant, it makes my stories so beautiful and cozy😊 I tried so many design apps, but Aurora is the best 💔💔💔 Also I’m looking forward to updates! So please accept my support and love!🤘🏼😘
United States
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I love this app. If you are thinking about downloading, just do it. You won't regret it. This app has the best templates that I have ever seen. I love this app and all the beautiful and modern templates.
United States
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My favorite app.
It’s seriously my favorite app for Instagram posts / stories, it has the best templates and it’s so easy to use. Looking forward to future updates!🖤🖤✨.
Jolene Subbagh
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I love the App better than Unfold
I prefer some templates on this Aurora app compared to Unfold. I'm loving this app so far and it's great. No bugs or glitches! Thanks! Awesome templates!
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pure design experience in an
app that is actually a joy to use

stories with soul. built for human joy.
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